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Manic Bulbs: Nightmare Night Gone Wrong! by ManicBulbs
Manic Bulbs: Nightmare Night Gone Wrong!
Hello everypony Manic Bulbs here with my entry to :iconxx-jessiekat-xx:'s Draw your OC Scary contest.

Backstory behind this image: It was Nightmare Night in Ponyville and Manic wanted to have the best scariest costume of all for the costume contest being held. So he asked his friend Elixia to help make him a potion that would temporarily turn him into scary version of himself. Now he was thinking of looking like a dragon or as a NightMare pony, but when Elixia added bit of poison joke mixed with some other ingredients  to alter the joke's effects. Then once Manic drinked the potion, both were shocked to see that Manic had turn into this nightmarish creature. Also turns out the effects would last for the whole night until the sunrises. Manic was panicking when he heard of this, so Elixia gave him, some seasonal Bloody Cherry juice to calm him down but it seems he was unable to fully closed his mouth, so the juices spilled off his mouth as he tried to drink the whole barrel in his new form.(So all that red on his mouth or below him is Bloody Cherry juice, but other ponies scream the moment they see it on him, thinking its real blood).

Hope you like it and that is allowed in the contest. 
Dark Side Art Trade With Baset by ManicBulbs
Dark Side Art Trade With Baset
Hello everypony Manic Bulbs here, with my first art trade. This trade is with my friend :iconthe-rrraptor: and its of our OC's dark sides. Here is Baset's Dark Side or Black Heart done in my art style. I hope you all like her, and I hope Baset like this too. ^^

Also check out her page to see some of her great artwork and maybe even request a commission from her if you want. ^^

Evil Baset/Black Heart OC belongs to :iconthe-rrraptor:
Tempest Clouds by ManicBulbs

NAME: Tempest Clouds

SPECIES: Pegasus

PLACE OF BIRTH: Rainbow Falls

TALENTS: Handling Storms(Note she specialize in handling storms when making them or making sure they don't go crazy/hurt any pony, but she can't handle strong storms all by herself), Doing Stunts During Storms Or In Danger-ish conditions(Like Ghastly Gorge)

Personality: Caring For Others Safety, Brave(Or Not Easily Scared), Athletic, Fair In Competitions No Matter What(Aka Doesn't Like To Cheat), Competitive When It Comes To Stunts(Aka Can Go To Far To Best Someone Even If It May Result To Injury To Herself), Can Go Too Overboard With Her Stunts At Times, Even Though She Cares About Others Safety She Tends To Neglect Her Own Safety, Creative

Background Info: As a young filly, Tempest had an interest in her mother's work in the weather factory, storm clouds, and the performances of the Wonderbolts.   Her mother would sometimes give her a tour of the factory to see how they make weather of all sorts and rainbows.  Tempest enjoyed the tours since she got to see how storms were made and spending time with her mother.  Her mother wasn't that busy, but she did have a way to make things seem interesting to Tempest, which was how Tempest started to like the tours of the factory.  Tempest interest in storm clouds was from at first she thought it was just a black cloud that can pack a punch as in the lightning, but that it can also be dangerous even when its just one cloud if not handled carefully, as her mother warned her.  Tempest seen a few Wonderbolts performances and always wanted to do that, but more.  In her mind she image flying in the sky fast while doing some amazing stunts, like flying through a lightning storm while managing to dodge ever single bolt of lightning fired at her.  Sometimes she tried to do some stunts of her own, with what she could actually do while not getting in too much trouble with her parents.


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Hey, I have a question.
What Colour's you want on Dodge SXT on your Point Commission?
ManicBulbs Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Blue with two yellow stripes(kind of like Bumble Bee's vehicle mode paint job style), or green with black stripes if my first pick doesn't work for you.
MetalDudePL666 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ok, got it. 
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No problem love the Tua stories you wrote they rock! I do plan to check out some of your other stories later promise. ^^
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